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City Stats:

Population: 15,935
Number of Hotels on This Site: 21
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Key Tourist Sights:

Aberystwyth Castle dates back to the 13th century and has had to be rebuilt on a number of occasions after being attacked. The inner walls are still visible after the castle was destroyed by Cromwell in 1646, and it makes for an interesting trip if you enjoy historical buildings.

The Aberystwyth Electric Cliff Railway is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the town. At 778 feet long, it is the longest of its kind in Britain, and it dates back to 1896. At first it was powered by water, but it became electric in 1921. From the top you'll get some great views, and it is open from March to November.

Aberystwyth boasts one of the longest promenades in Britain at 1.5 miles long. It is especially attractive after sunset when it is lit up by lights. It's a great place to enjoy a stroll or you might want to stop in one of the cafés which line it.

Ceredigion Museum is a good place to find out about the history of the area. It contains many artefacts of interest, including a number of paintings by Alfred Worthington.

Best Known For:

Aberystwyth has a large University so the population grows enormously during term time. Because it is also quite a remote town which boasts a huge number of pubs, it leads to a very unique atmosphere. The university is also known for having the first ever department in international politics.

Devil's Bridge is a small village a few miles from Aberystwyth which is known far and wide for its beautiful waterfalls and the three bridges which are found here.

Aberystwyth is known as being the 'spiritual capital' of Wales, and it is where the Welsh Language Movement started.

The most infamous son of Aberystwyth is the criminal Charles Bronson, often referred to as the most violent prisoner in Britain.

Aberystwyth is also the setting for the Louie Knight series of detective novels written by Malcolm Pryce which depicts an alternative reality version of the town.


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