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City Stats:

Population: 592,820
Population of Urban Area: 1,199,629
Number of Hotels on This Site: 135
Size: 67.76
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Key Tourist Sights:

Glasgow Cathedral is one of the main sights to visit in Glasgow. It is a very beautiful building with a long history, and is unique for being the only cathedral in Scotland for survived the Reformation. Take a tour of the cathedral during your visit and explore the crypt and the Blackadder Aisle.

There is no better place in Glasgow for kids than the Glasgow Science Centre. Complete with a huge number of hands-on exhibits to enjoy, you will also find a 3D IMAX Cinema and fun workshops.

Hampden Park is the home of Scottish football and well worth a trip for any football fans who visit Glasgow. It dates back to 1903, and fits 52,000 spectators. Watching a match here is something really special.

For something really unique, head to the National Piping Centre. Here you will find out all about the history of pipes in Scotland, and you'll find a large collection of interesting artefacts, paintings and more.

Best Known For:

Glasgow has always been an important city in Britain, and was even referred to as the 'Second City of the British Empire' during the Victorian period. It is famous for being a very historical and interesting city, with amazing architecture and a rich culture.

Glasgow is known around the world for having one of the most fierce football rivalries of them all, The Old Firm. Consisting of Celtic and Rangers, this is known amongst football fans as one of the most exciting matches that you can ever watch, with an unbeatable atmosphere.

Glasgow used to be famous for ship building, but that has more or less come to an end now, and the tobacco trade also used to be important here many years ago.

Famous people to come from Glasgow include Sir Alex Ferguson, Billy Connolly and Andrew Marr. Bands to emerge from Glasgow include Travis and Franz Ferdinand.


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