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City Stats:

Population: 152,320
Number of Hotels on This Site: 33
Size: 26 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

St Andrew's Cathedral is one of the main landmarks of Dundee. It was opened in 1836 and was designed in a Gothic style. The interior is very beautiful and well worth a visit. There are even services in other languages such as Polish.

Centrespace is a research centre which is on display to the visiting public. The aim is to improve education and inspire visitors on the important research going on here, and visitors can even enjoy an audio-visual centre.

Discovery Point on the River Tay is one of the main attractions of Dundee. Here you will find the ship that belonged to Captain Scott, Discovery, which was built here for Scott's Antarctic expedition. You might even want to book a drinks reception on board the ship for a special event.

The Botanic Garden at the University of Dundee is a beautiful garden where you can go to experience some peace and quiet. Situated near to the River Tay, it has a large collection of plants and trees to enjoy.

Mills Observatory is a public observatory where visitors can admire a planetarium and a telescope dating back to Victorian times. Suitable for all ages, it is a fascinating way to find out more about the secrets of the universe.

Best Known For:

Dundee is often associated with the three 'J's: Jam, Jute and Journalism. The history of jam, or marmalade more accurately, dates back to 1797 when a local sweetshop owner called James Keiller bought some oranges from a Spanish ship and he and his mother started to make Dundee Marmalade, which turned into a thriving business. However, it is unlikely that this was where marmalade was invented.

The history of jute comes from the jute that arrived on boats from India, where, once it arrived, it was processed in the mills. It was only recently that the last textile factory closed.

Journalism enjoys a long history and tradition in Dundee, and it was here that the Beano and Dandy comics were born. They appeared in comics owned by DC Thomson, and the company owns other newspapers including the Dundee Courier.

Dundee was where the RRS Discovery was built, which Captain Scott used for his expedition to the Antarctic. The ship can be viewed now that it is back in the place where it was built.


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