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Key Tourist Sights:

There are a number of sights of interest to see in Pompeii, most of which you are likely to visit when you take a guided tour of this historic city of tombs. These include:

The Forum of Pompeii, around which you will find the Macellum, the Shrine of the Lares, the Temple of Jupiter and the Building of Eumachia.

The House of the Faun, a large mansion where a statue of a faun was found inside. It was also here that the mosaic of Alexander's Battle was found.

The House of the Vettii which contains paintings and frescoes which have been very well preserved. Incredibly, cooking utensils can still be seen in the kitchen.

The House of Menander is a well-preserved house which used to belong to a rich merchant.

The Thermopolium, which was a tavern. Inside you can still see a kettle, lamp and other items preserved, as well as some money left on the counter.

The Street of Tombs, widely considered the most attractive area of Pompeii, is lined with grand tombs of the great and the good, which was a common practice in ancient Rome.

Best Known For:

Pompeii is known around the world for the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. This huge eruption saw the town buried in up to six metres of ash, and it was then forgotten until it was discovered in 1749.

It has now been largely excavated, and much of the town was preserved in that terrible moment in time when the people perished. This has provided a revealing insight into life in the 1st century.

Pompeii has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a hugely popular attraction in Italy, with well over two million people visiting each year.


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