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City Stats:

Population: 320,475
Population of Urban Area: 653,028
Number of Hotels on This Site: 33
Size: 44.8 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

The Cathedral of San Sabino is built in a Romanesque style and is an important tourist attraction of Bari. It is a mix of styles, and inside there are 16 columns and arches.

The Historic Museum contains a number of works of art which were donated by the Tanzi family, as well as a collection of weapons and papers. Here you can find a range of items of interest in the collection, including old documents from World War II, advertising material, films, models and photographs.

Travel about 40 km from Bari and you can pay a visit to Castellana Caves. These are some of the most important caves in Europe and there are some incredible stalactites and stalagmites on display as well as a number of other beautiful features.

Petruzzelli Theatre used to be one of the best opera houses in Italy. It has attracted some of the best singers in the world over the years, and it is currently being restored after it was nearly destroyed by fire.

If you want to explore the Botanical Gardens during your stay in Bari then you will find a stunning natural environment containing thousands of species of plants. It is the perfect place to go for a peaceful stroll on the edge of the city.

Best Known For:

Bari is best known for being an important university city and an important economic centre of Italy. In Southern Italy, it is second only to Naples.

One of the most infamous incidents of the city was during World War II, when it became the victim of chemical warfare, the only city to suffer such a fate. It occurred because the Germans attacked the port where mustard gas was being stored. The matter was made worse because nobody knew that the gas was to blame for the casualties.

Bari is known far and wide for its cuisine. It is very traditional and some of the finest on offer anywhere in Italy. Indeed, many tourists head to Bari to get a taste for authentic Italian cuisine and they know that they will not be disappointed.


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