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City Stats:

Population: 18,163
Number of Hotels on This Site: 9
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Key Tourist Sights:

The Franciscan Friary dates back to the 19th century, after the original building from the 13th century was destroyed in 1649 by Cromwell and his forces. Although it is not very old, it is still an interesting building to visit, and you can still see a few of the original walls.

Westgate is the only gate of the original six town gates to remain. This 14th-century gate used to be a tollgate, and you can still see the lockup which was used to hold people who tried to get away without paying.

The Dunbrody Emigrant Ship at New Ross is a replica of the original Dunbrody from 1845, which uses actors to bring to live the experience of what it must have been like to stay on such a ship. You'll get to experience the living conditions and there is an exhibition all about emigration.

Selskar Abbey was founded in 1190, and although it now lies in ruins, thanks again to Cromwell and his men, it is still an attractive building which you can wander around and is well worth a visit.

Best Known For:

One of the main events of the Wexford calendar is the Wexford Festival Opera which takes place in October at the Theatre Royal. The festival lasts for 18 days, and if you can plan your trip to coincide with this then you are in for a treat. It dates back to 1951, and is the main opera event in the whole of Ireland. As well as the main shows, you will also find street theatre, exhibitions, poetry readings and more.

One of the things which Wexford is most famous for is its strawberries. If you are in the area from May to July then you'll be able to eat as many of these as you can manage, and you will be able to pick some up from practically every farm you pass.

The surrounding area is famous for its fabulous golden beaches which stretch up the coastline, and there are also lots of opportunities to enjoy coastal walks. It is also known for having more sunshine than anywhere else in Ireland, making it the ideal place to enjoy a holiday.


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