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City Stats:

Population: 1,920
Number of Hotels on This Site: 10
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Key Tourist Sights:

One of the main attractions of Dingle is Fungi the dolphin. This bottle-nose dolphin has been a regular visitor to the harbour since 1984 and is now a major tourist attraction. Tour boats regularly head out to see him and he often makes an appearance. There is even a statue of him in the town.

There are a number of excellent beaches to visit in the Dingle Peninsula. One of the best to visit in Inch, which is about five kilometres long, but there are others including Tra Ath Na Chaisle, Derrymore Strand and Castlegregory Beach.

Dingle's St Mary's is a church which you may want to visit during your time in Dingle. It dates back to 1862 and is built in the neo-Gothic style, and if you are interested in religious buildings it makes for an interesting trip.

The Dingle Sea Life Centre is a treat for the whole family where you can find out all about the sea life in the area and from around the world.

Another of the major attractions is Famine Cottage in the Dingle Peninsula which was once home to the Kavanagh family. It dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and is a very interesting relic of Ireland's past.

Best Known For:

The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and if you like the great outdoors then this will be paradise. Exploring the region by foot is one of the great attractions of the area, and there are also lots of water sports and outdoor activities to enjoy.

The resident dolphin Fungi is perhaps what Dingle is most famous for. This dolphin attracts many tourists to Dingle who head out on boats to spot him, and he regularly turns up to greet them.


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