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City Stats:

Population: 5,032
Size: 18.56 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

The most important attractions of Glibelstadt are the castles and ruins which are located here.

The Friesenhńuser Castle is a baroque building which has an attractive eastern fašade which is elaborately decorated. Work started on the castle in 1687, and it was initially used as a residence. Over the years it has been used as a brewery and an inn, as well as a post office and police station.

Zobel Castle is a Renaissance building which has four wings. It belonged to the Zobels who ruled the village for over six centuries.

Geyer Ruin is located on the site of what was once a large house called the Geyer of Giebelstadt. The Geyers lived here at the end of the 13th century, after which it fell into ruin and was destroyed later on.

Other interesting buildings are the Old Town Hall, the old village inn, the pharmacy and and old department store.

The cemetery is also of interest for holding the family tomb of the Zobels, and another feature of interest is the water tower which is 19 metres tall.

Best Known For:

Giebelstadt is known for being the birthplace of Florian Geyer who was a nobleman who became the leader of the Black Company during the Peasants War in the 16th century which led to the Protestant Reformation in the country.

It is also known for the large airfield which was built here in 1935 which was used by the German Luftwaffe. It was later used by the U.S. Army for many years until it was closed in 2006. Now it is used for civilian flights.


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