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City Stats:

Population: 574,635
Number of Hotels on This Site: 76
Size: 81.21 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

The Aalto Theatre is one of the best places in Essen to head for evening entertainment. Because of its unique design it is considered to be one of the most beautiful German theatres, so a trip here should not be missed.

Lake Baldeney is a great place to visit for walking and water sports such as sailing and rowing. You may also want to take a trip out on one of the pleasure boats if the weather is nice.

Museum Folkwang is one of the best museums in Essen, and you will also find a fantastic collection of art with work by artists including van Gogh, Monet, Gaugin and more. There are also lots of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Another interesting museum is the Ruhr Museum. This is housed in the building which used to be the coal washing plant. The stone walls and industrial features provide a unique setting for the exhibitions which tells the story of the Ruhr area.

Best Known For:

Essen is a very cultural city, and in 2010 it was voted the European Capital of Culture.

Essen is known for its coal industry, which was important here right up until the 1970s. Now it remains an important location for industry, and it is the base for the headquarters of many of the largest German companies.

Due to its importance as an industrial centre, the city became a target for the allies during World War II. 90% of the city centre was destroyed by over 270 raids, and as a result many people were killed and thousands more made homeless. The city was finally captured on April 10 1945 when the ground advance reached the city.


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