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City Stats:

Population: 25,505
Number of Hotels on This Site: 54

Key Tourist Sights:

Stratford Upon Avon is a huge tourist attraction in the UK predominantly because of its connection with the most famous playwright of all time, Shakespeare. As a result, most of the attractions are based around his life and works.

One of the key attractions is the RSC Theatre which is the best place you can go to see a performance of one of his plays. These are put on throughout the year so book ahead to make sure you get a seat.

There are also five houses in the town which are all connected with Shakespeare’s life and are all major tourist attractions. These include his birthplace, New Place, Hall’s Croft, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, and Mary Arden’s House. Inside them you will find rare furniture and items, as well as pleasant gardens, which help to bring the sixteenth-century to life.

Not everything in Stratford Upon Avon is connected with Shakespeare. You also have Falstaff’s Experience which is a very interesting museum, the Holy Trinity Church and Stratford Brass Rubbing Centre. You can also take a stroll or boat trip along the river.

Best Known For:

The town of Stratford Upon Avon will forever be connected with William Shakespeare, and it is this that draws most people here. However, due to the presence of the RSC, many famous actors have also either lived in or stayed in the town for a time, including Simon Pegg, Jeffery Dench who lives just outside the town and David Bradley who was in the Harry Potter films.

Other famous names to come from the town include Arthur C. Clarke, who served in the town with the RAF during the 1940s, and based his story ‘The Curse’ here; the author J. B. Priestly who died here; and the footballer Dion Dublin who lives here. The famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay also lived here when he was younger.


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