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City Stats:

Population: 27,505
Number of Hotels on This Site: 20

Key Tourist Sights:

Abbot Hall is an impressive art gallery located in a Georgian villa. Aside from the art, visit it to take part in a number of educational activities including lectures.

Friends Meeting House in the centre of town is very interesting and worth a visit. It is the home of the Quaker Tapestry Exhibition, which is a celebration of Quakers from 1652 onwards.

Kendal Castle is no more than ruins now, but it provides some excellent views over the surrounding area. It was here that Katherine Parr, the sixth wife of Henry VIII, was probably born.

Sizergh Castle is a few miles away, but is worth a visit if you are staying in Kendal. It is a medieval house complete with lots of furniture and ceramics, and it also has some splendid gardens and lakes to explore.

Lakeland Maze Farm Park is great for the kids and will keep them busy all day. As well as the excellent maze to get lost in there are also lots of farm animals.

The 1657 Chocolate House is said to date back to the 1630s. If you fancy some traditional and tasty treats then make sure you stop in here during your time in Kendal.

Best Known For:

One of the main features of Kendal is the spectacular countryside in which it is situated. This is one of the biggest draws to the town, and tourism is therefore a very important part of the local economy. Make sure you get out to explore the surrounding countryside when you visit.

One of the most famous products to ever come out of Kendal is the world famous Kendal Mint Cake. It was this glucose-based snack that Ernest Shackleton took with him during his expedition in 1914, and it has since been used by many great mountaineers across the world.

Kendal was known for being an important producer of woollen cloth, and the town featured a number of mills built along the River Kent.

As for famous people who have a connection with Kendal, historian David Starkey is from here, as is John Cunliffe, who created Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim.


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