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City Stats:

Population: 83,992
Number of Hotels on This Site: 93
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Key Tourist Sights:

Bath is famous for its Roman baths and you should not miss out on visiting these during your time in the city. Baths were very important for the Romans, but Bath was so special because it was actually created around the bathing pools. The remains are still visible and very interesting to visit.

There are also more recent baths for you to visit, including Hot Bath and Cross Bath which both date back to Georgian times.

Jane Austen fans will not want to miss out on a trip to the Jane Austen Centre where you will be able to find out all about her life. Take a guided tour and discover all about the famous author through interesting exhibits and artefacts. You can also organise a Jane Austen walking tour of the city.

Pulteney Bridge is interesting because on both sides it is lined by shops, making it one of only a few in the world to have this feature. It remains a very important symbol for Bath despite undergoing numerous changes over the years.

Bath Abbey is a very impressive building and it should certainly be on the list of things to see in Bath if you are interested in historical buildings.

Best Known For:

The Roman Baths are what give Bath its name, and it is for these that the city is so famous. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK and attracts people from far and wide.

Bath is also known for being one of the most well-preserved Georgian cities in the UK and boasts a wide range of stunning architecture.

Many famous people have come from Bath over the years, including the famous architect Thomas Baldwin, and more recently MP Ann Widdecombe and comedian Bill Bailey.


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