A Visitor Guide To Salou, Spain

Salou is a coastal resort town in Catalonia, Spain that attracts so many tourists through the summer season that its population actually increases tenfold!  Salou is positioned about 90 km from Barcelona, Spain.  It holds many different attractions such as a long series of wonderful beaches, various rocky seaside coves, and the very popular Port Adventura which was once owned by Universal Studios.

Travelling to Salou is made easy with two large airports less than half an hour away.  Travelers coming in from Barcelona can make the trip in approximately one hour via bus or train.  When in town getting from point A to point B is as simple as hopping on a local bus or hailing a cab. 

Hotel accommodations are plentiful and vary greatly in price range.  If you're looking to stay in a five-star resort you'll likely be very pleased with the Magnolia Hotel.  It's very large and accommodating with a warm and welcoming staff. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and sparkling bathrooms.  A large diversity of dishes are served every morning with the complimentary breakfast buffet.  The Magnolia Hotel is positioned directly on the maid beach in Salou and anyone roomed on the eastern side of the resort will enjoy a very lovely sunrise every morning. 

For families on a budget there are also plenty of cheap hotels in Salou.  For anyone seeking cheap hotels in Salou they should look no further than Hotel Planas.  With rates under £45 ($70 US dollars) a night you'd be pleased to find that the hotel is also very neat with a well-mannered staff and located close to the beach.

Probably the biggest attraction for any fun and family focused vacation to Salou is the world-famous Port Adventura.  Port Adventura is a huge theme park that was constructed as a joint effort between three different companies including Anheiser-Busch and Universal Studios.  Universal Studios ended up with the largest stake but eventually sold the park to Criterion.  Port Adventura is the largest theme park in all of southern Europe and is actually made up of many smaller parks much like Disney World in the US.  Each park is themed after a different historical nation such as China and Mayan Mexico with its own adrenaline pumping rides and family games.  In the evenings guests are treated to fabulous parades and colorful fireworks.

For a more adult oriented trip to the luscious land of Salou you may be more interested in the golden beaches and five-star restaurants.  For that perfect Mediterranean romance you should always hit the host spots close to the marina where the finest of all Salou's bars and restaurants sit, but one restaurant you should definitely try is Gran Chic.  Gran Chic is a lovely, dimly lit restaurant that caters to a lover's mood with sensational entrees, succulent wines, and an atmosphere just right for lighting the fires of the heart.  After a nice evening at the dining table you should take off your shoes and enjoy the beautiful moonlit horizon with cool sand between your toes and wind in your hair on one of Salou's many lengthy beaches. 


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