A Visitor guide to Sharm El Sheikh

At first glance, Sharm El-Sheikh is nothing more than a large plateau with a cluster of buildings stacked on its top. There are several docks and warehouses at its disposal along its river banks along the Tiran Strait. Its beaches are not as plentiful as some neighboring resort towns, but they are luxurious none the less. Upon a closer look at that cluster of buildings one would find some of the richest and most tourist-friendly hotels and resorts in all of Egypt. And if you’re traveling the world over in search for the finest cuisine available you’ve come to the right place.

Sharm el-Sheikh is positioned just on the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula which is located in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt. It sits along the coast of the Red Sea with a population of about 30,000 to 40,000 people. The city has been the subject of small battles historically but is now known as “The City of Peace” since it is a popular place for surrounding nations to arrange peace conferences.

With some of the plushest hotels in all of Egypt it is impossible not to find a comfortable place to kick your feet up. One such resort is known as The Crowne Plaza Resort. Even with its five-star rating and endless list of guest services and activities you can be treated like a sultan there for around 100 US dollars a night. There are also some incredibly cheap hotels in Sharm el Sheikh. For cheap hotels in Sharm el Sheikh you can stay in either the Falcon Inn Viva Sharm or Oriental Rivoli Hotel for less than 50 US dollars a night and still be quite amazed with their overall quality and the services they offer.

Looking for a dose of Sharm El-Sheikh nightlife? Look no further than the Little Buddha. Little Buddha is a world famous sushi bar, drinking bar, and dance club all rolled into one. Its succulent sushi and high energy atmosphere make it the number one destination for anyone looking for a party. For anyone wanting to enjoy a more relaxed environment The Tavern, The Mexican, or The Pirate’s Bar all offer a great sense of authenticity and atmosphere as well as amazing drinks that include popular mixes and some exotic house specialties.

Sharm el-sheikh is a popular resort for many reasons, but its most popular features are its dramatic landscape and proximity to Red Sea. The water is warm year round which makes it a year round hot spot for water sports and diving. Due to its warm water climate and breath-taking underwater scenery many scuba divers actually consider Sharm el-sheikh one of the best places to scuba dive in the entire world. Its reefs are very popular diving destinations with walls up to 2,500 feet deep. And with the Sharm El-Sheik Hyperbaric Medical Center there to take care of any diving related sicknesses you might come down with Sharm El-Sheikh is a full service diving resort. If you’re not up for diving then there is still snorkeling, jet skiing, para sailing, motor-boating, and wind surfing to name a few.



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